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       The foundation of accounting goes back to the double-entry bookkeeping method which consists of a debit to one account and a credit to another. With counter-balancing transactions, the books should never become unbalanced keeping all financial statements in good standing. Here at Advantageous we adhere to the old standards as well as bring in new technologies, hence the name "Advantageous"


      Accounting is extremely important in today's society because it is the 'language' of business. Without accounting, there would be chaos in terms of inventory, product orders, money earned and money spent. To sum up accounting, it measures a company's success at meeting its goals and helps everyone understand how well their economic resources are being used. 



Advantageous is Your Advantage

       There are few people who understand all the aspects of accounting, and even fewer who are able to keep up with the demanding daily tasks which it requires. Outsourcing your accounting is the best solution to ensure the job gets done right the first time as well as save time and reduce your costs. 


       Advantageous has an expert team who can efficiently take care of all your accounting needs, at an affordable price. A major benefactor of letting us take care of your accounting department is our extensive knowledge on income taxes at all levels.

       Here we can save you time on your payroll, tax payments, and daily transactions all the while knowing your company is in good hands. We might be busy keeping track of your financials but more importantly, you can focus on growing your company.

Outsourcing your Accounting Department



        When you leave your books with Advantageous you can assure the stress and pressure of running a business will be minimalized. We help in the recording of daily transactions to ensure that you're prepared for anything.

       Here at Advantageous with have different programs for different businesses. We can work on an hourly basis for the small start-up companies that still want to maintain some of the financial records, or just want to outsource their payroll. We also offer monthly all-inclusive services for companies who are consistent with their daily business transactions, as well as want a set rate for their accounting expenditure.

        With some of the best software in the industry, downloading information skips the process of manual data entry. The direct input accelerates the data collection and reduces errors because we don't waste time reviewing and re-entering. 



Bookkeeping with Advantageous



        Advantageous will make sure you don't miss those important deadlines and be proactive when tax planning for the future growth of your company


With knowledge in tax, Advantageous will help you

  • Start a filing system to stay on track

  • Understand tax deductions and filing requirements

  • Evaluate the tax credits which are offered

  • Minimize corporate and personal tax liability

  • Create separate accounts to make remittance payments easier

  • Prepare for the sale of your business and prepare for retirement


Tax return preparation has never been less painful!

Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

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